Olmix Group was awarded at the Zhuhai Pig Industry Forum

Mr Michel Guillaume, Olmix Group’s Technical Director, was voted the best foreign speaker of the forum for his presentation ‘Optimizing Prolificacy in Sows’.

Last December, the Olmix’s team in China was invited as one of the participants of the third Pig Industry Forum in the city of Zhuhai (China). Attended by more than 1,200 professionals from the swine sector, the event was the perfect opportunity to share the Olmix expertise and knowledge on the main challenges to be faced in swine production and, more deeply on the matter, on how optimize prolificacy in sows in the farm.

Mr Michel Guillaume, Olmix Group’s Technical Director, delivered a scientific presentation entitled ‘Optimizing Prolificacy in Sows’ that caught the audience’s attention for its major technical relevance and interest. In fact, after being consulted through internet and the Chinese App Wechat, the Olmix Group’s presentation was chosen as the best foreign lecture of the event.

“I am proud to receive this award on behalf of Olmix Group. The presentation is the result of a very good cooperation and teamwork between the Olmix’s representatives in China”, Mr Guillaume said when receiving the prize.

Followed by hundreds of thousand viewers on internet, the presentation certainly promoted a greater awareness of Olmix and its products in China.