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Olmix hosted a seminar on animal nutrition in Tagaytay, Philippines


Olmix held the seminar “Innovations in Animal Nutrition, Thanks to Algae!” along with Agri-Bio Philippines, Olmix’s local distributor in the Philippines.

The Olmix Animal Care division organized a technical seminar from the 21-22nd March at the Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay, in the Philippines. The show, co-hosted with our partner and local distributor Agri-Bio Philippines, gathered dozens of key nutritionists of the area and shed light on the Olmix’s natural algae-based solutions to tackle challenges concerning digestive efficiency and mycotoxin risk.

The first day of the show was focused on digestibility. The Technical Service team explained to the audience how MFeed+, Olmix’s enzyme booster, can improve effectiveness in the animals’ intestine to make best use of their feed.

On the other hand, the second day pointed out the most common mycotoxin risk challenges that are present in the farm worldwide. The Olmix’s team delivered a conference presentation on MT.X+ and MMi.S, Olmix’s mycotoxin binders to limit and reduce the impact of mycotoxins such us fusarium.

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