Olmix launches the first toxin binder in semolina | Olmix


Olmix launches the first toxin binder in semolina

The first toxin binder in semolina form is specially designed for direct use in dairy farms.


Mycotoxins are a real risk in dairy farms, commonly coming from forages, depressing the cows’ immune system, thus provoking a lot of unspecific pathologies in the farm and impairing milk production and reproduction.

Following the extremely good results on field with MT.x+, Olmix goes one step ahead providing  the widest spectrum toxin binder, now in semolina,  MMi S:  cows with the best protection and so they perform better.

This new semolina presentation provides a better mixing in the TMR, a better handling on the product in the farm and it’s even more appetent for cows, so we can expect even better results!!

MMi S, improve protection, improve performances!



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