Olmix PhD student Kevin Hardouin earns his doctoral degree

Olmix PhD student Kevin Hardouin defended his thesis yesterday, 30th of June, at the University of Southern Brittany.

The promising researcher presented his project to a jury composed by the examiners Jean-Pascal Bergé –president of the Evaluation Committee- and Marc Lahaye, both Research Directors at IDMer and INRA, respectively. Other professionals, such as Thierry Maugard – Professor at the University of La Rochelle- and Mirjam Czjzek –Research Director at the Station biologique de Roscoff- attended the presentation, along with the Responsible for R&D at Olmix, Pi Nyvall-Collen.

Kevin has based his thesis on the enzymatic hydrolysis of Ulva sp., a work of such excellence that has led him to earn his doctoral degree with a prestigious honorable mention and the accompanying congratulation from the members of the jury.

The thesis has been performed within the Ulvans program as an industrial-academic collaboration with the aim to develop enzymatic hydrolysis as a tool for green algal processing.