Olmix Plant Care: Seaweed Nutrition International Summit

Guangdong Jiameihao Ecology Technology Co., Ltd, Olmix Group’s Chinese partner, hosted its annual event in Guangdong, China, where the Olmix Plant Care team delivered a lecture on the Olmix solutions for plant health management.

More than 320 distributors, retailers, representatives from international companies and professional experts gathered together at the ‘Seaweed Nutrition International Summit’ meeting organized by Jiameihao, Olmix Group’s partner in China, where many diverse topics on the use of seaweeds in agriculture and plant growth were discussed.

“SeaMel range ensures strong root development and rapid absorption of macro- and micronutrients as well as enhancing the efficacy of foliar and fertigation feeds. All this results in better crop quality and a higher yield. Moreover, these products will help enhance root hair development, which results in earlier and more efficient nutrient uptake. On the other hand, they shift allocation of nutrients from growth processes towards stress mitigation, ensuring an easier switch from vegetative to generative growth. In a nutshell, SeaMel creates healthier plants, higher yields and more homogeneous crops”.

Olmix Plant Care team.

Olmix Plant Care team.

Partnership between Jiameihao and Olmix Group

In the recent months, Jiameihao and Olmix Group have exchanged knowledge and ideas on how to improve the Chinese company core business, which is focused on the production of seaweed compound-based fertilizers. Olmix Plant Care’s seaweed foliar fertilizers have raised great interest as a sustainable and respectful tool to boost the quality of Jiameihao products.

It was our pleasure to celebrate this successful summit together and we really hope for a cooperation in the future!