Olmix presents its new Algo-Ceutical range in Mexico

Olmix Team in Mexico presented the products of this new range to the main distributors of the country in Querétaro.

Recently in Querétaro, Olmix Latin America North, made an exclusive presentation of the new Olmix Group business line for Mexico. This new commercial development project in the region is based on the unique technology of algae extracts in each of the lines of these new products, these active molecules we call them Marine Sulfated Polysaccharides (MSP acronym in English) molecules with nutraceutical functions, to strengthen and restore immunity and condition of the digestive tract of animals. The idea is simple, provide practical programs options for application in drinking water or directly to the animal orally, providing real and efficient solutions to the constant challenges that affect animals in these intensive systems of animal protein production.

Algo-Ceutical range is to be commercialized in 2017, is based on the Olmix Group unique technology and its experience in extracting Marine Sulfated Polysaccharides, as tools to strengthen the immune system of animals and provide better condition to digestive tract, in maintain a better condition to express the productive potential of animals. We want to take the inertia of good results Olmix has been harvested in recent years in Mexico.

This Algo-Ceutical presentation was an exclusive invitation to future local distributors to sail in this new area of business opportunities with Olmix.