“The potential of algae is huge and there is still a lot to be discovered”

Olmix Group took part in the Vietnam Foodexpo symposium programme in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam, 15-18 November), held by the Embassy of France and the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Mr Quang Thanh Trinh, Olmix Asia Director, gave an overview of the huge potential of algae for a consistent food and health chain, the company’s global vision and the latest updates on the Olmix Group activities in the Asian market.

Held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, the Vietnam Foodexpo gathered more than 400 exhibitors from 20 different countries at the Saigon Exhibition Centre from 16-18 November. This year, France was chosen as the ‘Country of Honor’ of the international exhibition, a clear illustration of the strong long term economic and industrial relationship between the two countries: France is nowadays the primary market for Vietnamese companies searching for import source, ranked 3rd in European markets and 18th in the world in terms of exporting goods into Vietnam.

In this context, the Embassy of France and the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development hosted together a technical seminar on ‘Food Taste, Quality and Safety’, ‘Bonjour, French Food’ and ‘How to reduce animal feed related risks to consumers’ health in Vietnam’ at the event. As one of the leading French companies with a strong presence in Vietnam, Olmix Group was invited to be one of the participants of this special symposium programme. Mr Quang Thanh Trinh, Olmix Asia Director, contributed to the seminar with a presentation on the power and potential of algae, the Olmix Group philosophy and strategy for a complete healthy food chain and its latest activities in Asia:

“’How to reduce animal feed related risks for human health in Vietnam’ is a really interesting topic and it is precisely what Olmix Group is working on. For more than 20 years, we have been involved in the valorization of algae, basing our philosophy on the belief that they are the new ‘blue gold’. We offer natural solutions made with trace elements, clay and red, green and brown algae”, he said

Mr Quang Thanh Trinh, Olmix Asia Director.

Mr Quang Thanh Trinh, Olmix Asia Director.

Indeed, Olmix Group’s research has praised algae as a key factor for plant, animal and human health due to its many highly beneficial properties and its current and potential use in different industries:

“Algae are a unique natural and renewable resource. Our purpose is to use their properties to reduce the use of pesticides, antibiotics and chemical products for a better plant, animal and human health. The list of algae’s benefits is unlimited: for instance, when we talk about plant care, we can use their properties to regulate the life of soils. Also, their effect helps to improve the plants nutrient intake. On the other hand, when it comes to animal care, they can be used as a protector of the digestive system and as an immunomodulator. As for human health, their antiviral and immune-regulations properties as well as their ability to reduce the central nervous system disorders must be highlighted. As you can see, the potential of algae is huge and there is still a lot to be discovered!”, he explained.

Last, Mr Thanh shared with the audience the latest activities that Olmix Group is carrying out in Asia. As it could not be otherwise, he shed some light on the recent opening of the Olmix Group’s new production facilities in the province of Bình Dương (Vietnam) which aims to further strengthen the Olmix Group presence and implement its development strategy all over the country:

“With 5,000 metric tons of feed additives per year -equivalent to 5 million tons of feeds per year-, and we could potentially expand to a second phase up to 15,000 tons per year, we are inheriting the unique algae technology of Olmix Group. And we believe that we are on right way with Olmix Group’s global approach and contribution to a sustainable developing agriculture in every country in Asia where present in”, he said.

Speakers of the symposium programme.

Olmix Group delegation.