Racine SAP, Olmix Group and the Breizh Algae School

The commercial team of Racine SAP visited Olmix Group’s headquarters and the Breizh Algae School in Saint-Étienne-du-Gué-de-l'Isle (France), as part of a three-day technical programme.

With open arms, Olmix Group received the visit of several members of the Racine SAP team (France) last Wednesday, 31 January, who joined headquarters for a three-day tour within the Olmix’s facilities in the area such as the Olmix’s factory and the Breizh Algae School.

The Racine SAP company is a wine grower supplier for the province of Var and the Alpes Maritimes in France and has been partners with Olmix Group since 2010. So, it was only natural that the Olmix Plant Care team took this opportunity to discuss several issues concerning plant health management and sustainable horticulture. In fact, the 15 invitees from Racine SAP had the chance to attend the following lectures during the visit:

  • Algae: history and assets of this natural resource.
  • The influence of global warming and the evolution of wine markets.
  • Exchange and questions on the Racine SAP ranges.

Racine SAP team.

Besides, guests had the chance to visit the Olmix’s production facilities, the laboratory and the Breizh Algae School.

We hope to meet you again in the near future!