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Seaweeds: valuable sources of bioactive compounds for fish health

Olmix Group presented its algae-based natural solutions for aquaculture in Aquafarm, the international conference and exhibition on new technologies and practises for sustainable production in aquaculture that took place last week in Pordenone, Italy.

The Aquafarm international conference resulted to be the perfect showcase for Olmix Group to introduce its algae-based technology to the aquaculture industry in Italy and to highlight its huge potential to play a key role in sustainable development.

As a young and fast-growing industry, aquaculture is currently encountering many challenges, some of them directly correlated to the high demand of animal proteins all around the world. Olmix took this chance to present the natural solutions that the company has come up with through deep research.

Besides running the Stand 5.40 at the exhibition area of the event, Olmix Group was one of the participants of the conference programme. On this occasion, Mr Jean Peignon, Olmix Group’s Europe Aqua Market Manager, was the one to shine a spotlight on seaweed's bioactive and structural compounds a real alternative to tackle the problems faced by the aquaculture sector.

Olmix's stand at Aquafarm 2018.

“The world population grows fast and so does the global demand for animal proteins. Aquaculture is playing a major role in supplying healthy sources of protein to humanity. However, it is facing many challenges and there is a pressing need to move towards more sustainability. Olmix Group has developed a unique technology to extract the bioactive and structural compounds they contain. These compounds, thanks to their beneficial effects on fish health and feed efficiency, show very promising long-term and synergistic perspectives to sustainably support the industry”, he explained.

But marine algae not only represent a valuable and phenomenal resource. According to Mr Peignon, seaweeds and seaweed extracts are vital components to stimulate animal growth and health by improving the intestinal environment along with other biological activities:

“Seaweeds provide natural solutions for aquaculture with important synergistic effects. For instance, seaweed derived in sulphated polysaccharides (fucoidans, carrageenans, ulvans…) play an important role in health and nutrition and they possess interesting bioactive properties to produce functional feed ingredient. On the other hand, they can help us to prevent pathologies related to intestinal transit dysfunction, modulate lipid metabolism and can be beneficial to stimulate animal defences against diseases”.

Mr Jean Peignon delivered a lecture at Aquafarm 2018.

Mr Jean Peignon delivered a lecture at Aquafarm 2018.

To make the most of these specific algae extracts, Olmix Group strongly invests in innovation and research as well as cooperating with several universities and scientific organizations all over the world. This result in an ambitious research programme that aims at providing natural alternatives at the service of the main animal production areas including aquaculture:

“Thanks to our international network, the efficacy of Olmix algae-based technology has been tested and proved all around the world on different species and in various environments. Along with the scientific trials, farm trials are also conducted with industrial partners to participate in this great effort to demonstrate the mode of action of our algae-based products”.

Mr Peignon concluded by saying that ‘’Seaweeds open the door to an ocean of opportunities to build together a sustainable aquaculture”.