Specific algae extracts as an alternative to antibiotics at ILDEX Vietnam 2018


Olmix Group presented its strategies to reduce the use of antibiotics in animal livestock at ILDEX Vietnam, which took place in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, from 14-16 March.

The Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) opened its doors on March 14 to celebrate the 7th edition of ILDEX Vietnam, which once again gathered more than 7,000 professional visitor, producers and representatives from the animal industry seeking the latest updates on international livestock, dairy, meat processing and aquaculture.

As one of the biotechnology leaders within the Asian market, the Olmix Group’s team in Asia took the opportunity to meet with customers and potential partners at Booth DE10-Hall A1, where the Olmix’s natural algae-based products and strategies raised great interest among attendees, particularly the Olmix’s Antibiotic-free Programme to raise animals in a sustainable and respectful way.

In fact, the company’s efforts to reach a full healthy food chain and to ‘produce more with less’ without the use of chemicals, pesticides and antibiotics was a topic to be discussed at the conference plenary session of the event: Dr Michel Guillaume, Olmix’s Technical Director in Asia, delivered a scientific speech that first highlighted the risks of the current production techniques.

“In 2015, 75,300 tons of antibiotics were used in the farming sector. 60% of these antibiotics were used in feeds for pigs, being 70% of these tons used in weaned pigs. By 2030 the total amount of antibiotics in the livestock market can raise to 85,000 tons. We are in a real state of urgency and if we do not manage to face antibiotic resistance, that may result in 10 million deaths by 2050”, Dr Guillaume said.

Although antibiotics have proven to be ‘successful’ in terms of animal and human health for decades, there is an urgent need to change the way humanity is using them. That would come along new production strategies to get adapted to the antibiotic-free new era:

“Antibiotics are of fundamental importance to both human and animal health. Therefore, their effectiveness must be preserved but always through a regulated, rational and controlled use and only as a last recourse in therapeutic treatments. Bacterial is clever than we think and, remember, antibiotic is anti-bacteria; if not, it is not antibiotic!”.

To close his speech, the Olmix Group’s expert listed several techniques to be applied in the farm in order to reduce the use of antibiotics and other external factors, as well as presenting the benefits of the Olmix Antibiotic-free Programme.

There are many production techniques and strategies we can use instead of antibiotics. We should control the animals’ environment to ensure their health and welfare. Also, we should take care of nutrition, bio-security and bio-exclusion, among some other important factors such as immunity and digestive efficiency. Olmix Group has created a comprehensive and consistent Antibiotic-free Programme that allows to reduce the need for antibiotics in farms with high consumptions while improving zootechnical performances”, Dr Guillaume explained.

Dr Michel Guillaume at ILDEX Vietnam.

Dr Michel Guillaume at ILDEX Vietnam.

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