The very first official visit of Olmix's new factory in Asia

MBA students from EDHEC Business School (France) were the first ones to officially visit the new Olmix’s factory in the province of Binh Duong, Vietnam.

85 MBA students from the French EDHEC Business School visited the Olmix’s factory in Vietnam last week as a part of the MBA programme organized by ‘Business France’, a public institution involved in the promotion of international business operations between France and Asia.


Dr Michel Guillaume, Olmix Group’s Technical Director, warmly welcomed all guests and delivered a short speech on the Olmix’s history and philosophy and shed light on the current activities of the company in Asia and in the world:

“Olmix is present all around the world because we have a global purpose. Olmix provides natural and sustainable solutions to reduce the use of chemicals, pesticides and fungicides in agriculture and also provides alternatives to the use of antibiotics in animal production”, he said.

Students had the opportunity to visit all the departments of the factory: first, they were presented the Viphavet Laboratory, Vipha.Lab, where biologists explained their daily tasks and duties. Then, students headed to the NPT Building, where the Olmix team provided some information about production processes and the perspectives of the factory for the coming months in terms of production and capacity:

The French EDHEC Business School visited the Olmix’s factory in Vietnam.

"The factory will be starting with 5,000 metric tons of feed additives per year (equivalent to 5 million tons of feeds per year) with a potential extension to 15,000 tons per year in the second phrase. The transfer of technology transferred from Olmix France and his know-how on the algae technology shall contribute to increasing the Asian livestock productivity and to reducing the production costs. Olmix unique products such as Mistral, MT.X+, MFeed+, Searup, Ecopiglet shall all eventually be produced in Olmix Asia new manufacturing unit. And now Mshell will come out from our factory”, an expert of the factory explained.

The last stop was the Quality Control Department, where students got to know about the processes to guarantee the European standards.

After two hours visit, the EDHEC MBA students, most of them already high-qualified executives, gathered together in front of the Olmix’s factory tower to take many pictures that surely will bring them up happy memories in the future.

May life and business interests provide us with opportunities to meet again!


Laboratories of the Olmix's factory.

Students from EDHEC Business School.