Vitalphos nominated for the Green Innovation Award 2014

Marathon Vitalphos, Melspring -Olmix Group, has been nominated for the Green Innovation Award 2014 by publisher NWST in the category Sport.

NWST, who publishes the magazines Greenkeeper and Fieldmanager, is organizing the election for this category for the first time this year and the winner of the award will be announced during the National Sportsfield Congress on 20 November 2014.

Vote for Vitalphos

Of course Melspring is very honoured to be nominated for the Green Innovation Award 2014 and hopes (and expects) that anyone with an internet connection runs to his computer to vote for this sustainable phosphate from Holland. Bring out your vote now!


The world phosphate reserve is limited and the use of organic phosphate sources is one of the methods to recycle phosphate. That’s why Melspring started to work with Waterstromen to produce phosphate fertilizer Vitalphos together. Waterstromen is taking phosphate out of the water that is used by potatoe processor Aviko en turns it into a fertilizer that is ready to use. This patented long release NP fertilizer stimulates active hair-root development, intensifies crop colouring and is ideal for seed bed preparation of vegetables, flowers, ornamentals and turf. The granular fertilizer Vitalphos gives a quick reaction in the plant and provides a longlasting phosphate.

Click here for the full article published in Fieldmanager.