William Boogaarts voted Dutch Greenkeeper of the Year 2016

Greenkeeper High Potential was Jolanda Vonder.

On 10 December William Boogaarts, head greenkeeper at De Enk Groen en Golf, was voted as Dutch Greenkeeper of the Year (GOTY) 2016. He became the successor of Kristian Summerfield, who was last year’s winner. An expert jury chose Boogaarts because of his ability to use every team members strengts, his passion for the job, his ability to make people enthusiastic and the fact that he keeps his knowledge up to date.

Jolanda Vonder was voted Greenkeeper High Potential 2016. She is head greenkeeper at Golf course Hooge Graven in Arrien and received the award because of her ambition and drive and due to the fact that the jury has high expectations for the upcoming years. Melspring is proud to announce that she uses the full Melspring programme at her golf course.

William and Jolanda: congratulations!