Raising animals better to better feed humans

A desire to provide natural alternatives to agricultural additives led to the creation of Olmix in Bréhan, at the heart of Brittany, in 1995. In 20 years, the company has become a leading global specialist in marine biotechnology and green chemistry.

Olmix started out by sourcing essential trace elements for animal feed. Operating in the farming business, the company soon had the idea of producing natural solutions for agriculture, and this gave rise to innovations resulting in the Mistral litter conditioner, its first environmental hygiene product.

The journey continued with the MonaLisa research programme, seeking solutions to mycotoxins, one of the most serious threats to animals. MT.X+ was born from the association of micronized clays and algae extracts, and was soon followed by MFeed and MFeed+, designed to improve digestive efficiency.

Olmix is now venturing into molecular science with its ULVANS research programme aiming to isolate algae active principles and find new combinations to meet the challenges of rearing livestock. Its new-generation products include Ecopiglet, SeaLyt, Diet, Searup and DigestSea.

Our history

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15 patents to date

Three strategic fields of activity

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20th anniversary

After 20 years, Olmix has become Olmix Group, broadening its focus from animals to three main areas of activity: Plant, Animal and Human Care, with a single global strategy: One Health Thanks to Algae.

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Launch of the ULVANS programme

Algae become the main source of innovation at Olmix Group, the For Vet animal health range is launched, and the company files a number of patents.

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Acquisition of Melspring

Olmix enters the plant market.

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Initial public offering and geographical expansion

Olmix expands its sales and subsidiaries through internal and external growth.

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Filing of the Amadéite® layered clay patent

Olmix creates a new clay- and algae-based biomaterial.

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Creation of an R&D department

Olmix launches the Eco-concept brand and the MonaLisa (Eureka) research programme.

March 2002
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European Trophy for animal welfare

The company introduces the innovative Mistral concept.

November 2001
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Creation of an export department

One person dedicated to exports in a company of 15 employees.

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Creation of the Mistral brand

Olmix is the first company to offer clay as a natural alternative to chemical processing.

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Creation of Olmix by Hervé Balusson

The initial mission of the company is to extract value from the by-products of copper ore processing.