Scientific expertise dedicated to understanding the bioactive properties of algae, trace elements and clays enables Olmix to develop and propose bio-solutions to:

  • Develop soil fertility and strengthen resilience
  • Improve fertilizer efficiency and propose sustainable alternatives based on the circular economy.
  • Help to reduce the use of pesticides.
  • Promote the yield and quality of cultivated plants.

Integrated Plant Care Management


Because the issues at stake are important and the changes to make are profound, it is necessary to adopt a holistic approach to plant production not only by revisiting agronomic practices, but also by aligning our biosolutions to the crops needs. This we have proven by years of research and development.

These are the foundations of our "Integrated Plant Care Management" concept which aims to improve the 3 essential factors of production performance: the quality of the soil, the quality of the plant's nutrition and its ability to withstand aggression.

Thus, relying on innovative technologies, Olmix biosolutions are indispensable tools that accompany and support the transition to agro-ecology

Our technologies

Olmix expertise in the field of plant care is derived from three technologies:

Extraction and enhancement of nutrients and active substances from algae in order to stimulate plant growth and their ability to withstand aggression.

Using bioactive properties of minerals and specific trace elements to stimulate the biological reactions of the plant and the microflora within the soil.

Use of complexing technology and different nitrogen sources to ensure continued nutrient availability to the plant whilst dramatically reducing the potential for leaching.

Our partner


MPH, a subsidiary of the Olmix Group, is developing know-how and a range dedicated to foliar nutrition in field crops and specialized crops.