Plant Care

Promoting the bioactive properties of algae and micronutrients

Olmix conceives biosolutions using its cutting-edge know-how in promoting the bioactive properties of algae and micronutrients. These aim at developing soil fertility and reinforcing soil resilience, making fertilizers more efficient, strengthening crop resistance to stress, helping to reduce the use of plant protection products, and encouraging the expression of the quantitative and qualitative potential of cultivated plants.

Olmix biosolutions are based on high-quality ingredients and recognized innovative technologies. They are part of the “Integrated Plant Care Management” concept, a global approach to supporting plants that replaces agronomy at the heart of agricultural practices, taking into account environmental, sanitary and economic issues.



Olmix Plant Care develops and markets sustainable products for the long-term improvement and conservation of golf courses, sport grounds and public parks. For steadily growing turf, it is essential to achieve the right balance between soil air and moisture, microbial activity and healthy soil nutrition. In this way, the turf grows stronger and its natural defence mechanisms are stimulated. Drawing on its expertise in soil fertilization and plant pathology, Olmix Plant Care develops effective nutrient and soil structure programmes to boost plant vitality and health.


Horticulture refers to the cultivation of crops, including fruit, vegetables, flowers, trees and plants. Olmix Plant Care develops sustainable solutions for horticulture focusing on plants’ health and their environment. Improving soil structure and nutrition boosts soil fertility and crop vitality for better productivity without impacting crop quality. Olmix Plant Care foliar products optimize plants’ natural defences, helping them to resist aggressors.

Field crops

Olmix Plant Care develops sustainable solutions for large-scale crops such as potatoes, onions, wheat, maize and sugar beets. The goal is a more environmentally friendly form of crop farming to help feed the ever-growing world population more healthily. Olmix Plant Care offers complete programmes that boost plants’ resistance to environmental stressors to increase yield and crop quality while reducing the use of pesticides.