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AlgoMelProact Regulated growth with less stress

AlgoMelProact conditions the plant to cope with the energy switch from vegetative growth to reproduction. The silicon in AlgoMelProact prepares the plant for stress conditions. AlgoMelProact provides optimal nutritional conditions for homogeneous strong flowering and fruitset.

The situation

Pre flowering

The moment of flowering is a turning point in the life cycle of the plant. In this transition from vegetative growth to reproduction it undergoes many hormonal and nutrient allocation shifts. Silicon contributes to this switch. Modern agriculture has a negative impact on the availability of silicon in the soil and also reduces the C:N ratio for flower bud formation resulting in less homogeneous flowering.

The challenge

Preconditioning for flowering

The challenge is twofold. Altering the C:N ratio prior to flowering. And getting silicon as high up as possible in the plant. This way the flowering is induced and metabolic processes in the plant can be accelerated to produce homogeneous and abundant flowering whilst reducing the negative impact of stress.

The solution

Strong flowering

Silicon is only transportable in the plant as monomeric silicic acid. In this state silicic acid regulates (re-)distribution of secondary- and (micro-)nutrients and acts as transporter of bio-chemical signals in plants under stress. The Refined Seaweed Extracts in AlgoMelProact provides small sugars that can increase the C:N rate of the tissue sap. They act together with the natural occurring plant hormones. In AlgoMelProact optimal nutritional conditions are provided for homogeneous strong flowering.

Strong points

AlgoMelProact, Sealica technolgy/ Trace elements

  • 1

    Preconditions flowering

  • 2

    Increases tolerance against stress

  • 3

    Facilitates signal and nutrient mobility

Stimulated flower bud development


By administering AlgoMelProact to wheat in the pre flowering phase the nutrient balance in the growing points is altered to such an extent that flower bud development is stimulated.

Application for a better performance

How to use


General application rate:
As Spring and Summer vitaliser

1-2 l/ha in 800-500l of fresh water





Recommended products

Whether it is the stimulation of the overall vitality and boosting of hair roots in AlgoMelPush, or the switch from vegetative to generative development through AlgoMelProact, or the concentration hardening of the plant tissue with AlgoMelShield, all products in the range function in synergy with each other and together deliver crops that often overcome stress and diseases simply because they are vital and strong. The best result is obtained when all products are used in a program. The programme provides crop optimization through the leaf on top of the basic soil improvement and fertilization practices. Ask your adviser for the application program.

Catching the first spring light
Catching the first spring light


Plant Care

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The Algomel PROACT foliar solution offers several advantages to farmers.