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ALGOMELPush Catching the first spring light

AlgoMelPush enhances root hair development, which increases nutrient take-up capacity. Manganese is required for energy conversion and vegetative growth. Leaf application of this element easily boosts initial growth to benefit of the plant during the complete crop cycle. This results in higher yield without compromising on crop quality.

The situation

Start of cultivation

In the first days of spring, during the relatively dark days at the beginning of the crop cycle, plants often have trouble getting started. On top of that, in soils with a pH above 7 or soils with a high organic matter content, manganese is in poor supply. Moreover, manganese is not very mobile in the plant.

The challenge

Increasing initial leaf surface

Leaves are the solar panels of the plant. Increasing their size in the first days of spring helps to advance the genetic potential of the plant. The challenge is to catch and convert energy and nutrients to boost growth. The advanced plant development in the early season will benefit the plant during the entire crop cycle.

The solution

Generating energy

Applying AlgoMelPush in the first days of spring, pushes your crop out of winter time. The Refined Seaweed Extract in AlgoMelPush enhance root hair development, which significantly increases the overall nutrient uptake capacity. Manganese is required for energy storage, conversion and vegetative growth. Leaf application of this element easily boosts initial growth in combination with the osmotic power of our Refined Seaweed Extracts. The result is a higher yield without compromising on the quality of the crop.

Strong points

AlgoMelPush, Seanergy technolgy/Mn

  • 1

    Rapid emergence

  • 2

    High-energy absorption

  • 3

    Enhances root development

Enhanced emergence

Field trials with AlgoMelPush in Lower Normandy (France) in 2015 showed distinct differences in early grain ear development between the samples treated and the control. From top to bottom: AlgoMelPush, control and fungicide-treated control.

Application for a better performance

Directions for use



General application rate:
As a manganese complex

1-2 l/ha in 800-500l of fresh water





Recommended products

Whether it is the stimulation of the overall vitality and boosting of hair roots in AlgoMelPush, or the switch from vegetative to generative development through AlgoMelProact, or the concentration hardening of the plant tissue with AlgoMelShield, all products in the range function in synergy with each other and together deliver crops that often overcome stress and diseases simply because they are vital and strong. The best result is obtained when all products are used in a program. The programme provides crop optimization through the leaf on top of the basic soil improvement and fertilization practices. Ask your adviser for the application program.

Regulated growth with less stress
Reinforces plant structure


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