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MARATHON SPORT Patented long-lasting
organic mineral fertilisers

Marathon Sport steadily releases nutrients and the organic matter stimulates a very active bacterial soil life. This results in healthy, strong and compactly growing turf. Marathon Sport ensures active root development, a denser sod, improved resistance against stress and increased tillering of the grass.

The situation

Maintenance of sports fields and fairways

Optimal growth of the plant can only be realised when nutrients are effectively available. The long-lasting nutritional programme of Olmix Plant Care improves soil fertility in such a way that all nutrients are available for the plant when it needs them during the entire season. A diverse soil life ensures buffering of nutrients that are not used yet.

The challenge

Balancing growth and resilience

Often vital growth limits the resilience of turf as vegetative growth is often a synonym for vitality. Nitrate based fertilisation leads to too much vegetative growth which is counterproductive for disease tolerance. Ammonium based nutrition favours cell division rather than cell elongation. However, ammonium is converted to nitrate very rapidly. The challenge is to keep the nitrogen in such a form that prolonged ammonium nutrition is possible.

The solution

Balanced growth

The usage of Marathon Sport results in healthy, strong and compactly growing turf. The plant takes up ammonium for a long period of time and that stimulates root hair development. Moreover, the pH in the root zone will decrease, which results in a better uptake of phosphate. Marathon ensures active root development, a denser sod, improved resistance against stress and increased tillering of the grass.

Strong points


  • 1

    Stimulates bacterial soil life

  • 2

    Hard & dense turf

  • 3

    Constant growth without scorching

Density instead of soft growth


Rhizobox trials and field trials at the University of Hohenheim demonstrate the differences in root mass and clippings between Marathon Sport and nitrate based NPK's.

Directions for use


  • Spring & summer feed: Marathon Sport 16-4-8.
  • Summer feed: Marathon Sport 10-0-15.
  • Autumn & winter feed: Marathon Sport 7-0-21.
  • Overseeding: Marathon Sport 7-13-9.
  • Application for maintenance of sports fields and fairways: 200-300 kg/ha.



Marathon Sport is available in 25 kg bag on a 1,000 kg pallet.


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