MELFERT Natural choice for sustainable horticulture

Melfert supplies top quality organic matter as an excellent remedy against soil erosion. Nutrients are preserved for direct use by bacteria in the soil, enabling the best possible gradual release of nutrients. Regular use will enhance soil structure and microbial biodiversity, increasing the soil's nutrient buffer capacity.

The situation

Eroded soil

Soil is the natural habitat of crop roots and where our carbon reserves are stored. Intensive crop farming systems deplete the soil of its natural buffering potential. As a result, much of the world's soil is so eroded that is no longer capable of buffering nutrients, water and carbon.

The challenge

Restoring the soil's buffering potential

Restoring soil fertility and structure is done by returning organic matter to the soil, follwing several general rules: the organic matter should be 100% free of pathogenic microbes, it should stimulate plant growth promoting bacteria, and the more stable the organic matter, the less bacterial soil life is stimulated and the higher the chance of fungal domination. Most horticultural crops require soil life to be dominated by bacteria: only woody plants require soil life to be dominated by fungi.

The solution

Activating bacterial soil life

Melfert organic matter is a Dutch top-quality pure chicken manure that, unlike others, is collected directly from under the chickens and dried immediately, making contamination with soil, straw or other materials impossible. The highly concentrated chicken manure will react with the soil bacteria as soon as water is applied, providing exellent protection against soil erosion. Because of this unique process, nutrients that otherwise would be consumed during the composting process are now preserved for direct use by bacteria in the soil.

Strong points

MELFERT, NPK 4-3-2 + 8CaO +TE+ 67OM

  • 1

    Enhances microbial soil life

  • 2

    A fully controlled sanitary chain

  • 3

    Highest nutrient effectiveness

Fully controlled sanitary chain


Melfert is produced with full control over hygiene safety, in a factory certified by the competent Dutch authorities in conformity with EU regulations.

Organic matter breakdown & nutrient release

In tropical circumstances the long-lasting nutrient release is as per the graph below.

Directions for use

General application rate:

- At planting: 150 – 1,500 kilos per ha.
Local circumstances might require different application rates.


Melfert is also available in:

  • 500 kg bigbag on a 1000 kg pallet.
  • 1000 kg bigbag on a 1000 kg pallet.


Recommended products

A simple but versatile programme that consists of basic Melfert soil improvement, followed by Melspray precision nutrient supply combined with the plant health component of SeaMelPure. Each product fulfills an essential role in this synergetic programme.

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