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Neosol Soil fertility activator

Neosol is a soil microbial biomass activator, in a premium quality granulated form. Thanks to the MIP SOIL technology, Neosol promotes the synthesis of humus by stimulating biological activity of the soil, for increased fertility.


Solving soil degradation problems

Under the influence of intensive operations, the amount of humus in the soil gradually decreases. There are many consequences: compaction, erosion, rooting of more superficial crops and therefore greater sensitivity to climatic hazards. Neosol stimulates the production of humus in the soil in order to restore a fertile environment conducive to the development of organic matter.


Stimulating the natural microflora of the soil

The active substances in MIP SOIL which are contained in Neosol, provide the minerals necessary for the soil microflora to synthesize the enzymes needed for transformation of organic matter.


Sustainably restoring soil fertility

Applied after harvest, Neosol activates the humification processes and thus sustainably strengthens soil fertility and its resilience to disturbance. This action preserves the soil’s integrity and allows for optimum utilization of inputs and subsequently higher yield and quality potential.



  • 1

    Stimulation of soil microflora and enzymatic activity

  • 2

    Better humification of organic matter

  • 3

    Development of the clay-humic complex

  • 4

    Improved soil structure and aeration

  • 5

    Rooting development



Neosol is applied after harvest.

Recommended doses: 100 to 220 kg/ha depending on crop and soil condition.

For best results, we recommend regular use of Neosol.


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Neosol promotes humus formation for healthy soils

The Neosol activator stimulates the natural microorganisms present in the soil, and first of all the fungi responsible for the humification of organic matter (straws, roots, etc.). Neosol repaires soil dysfunctions by promoting an optimal clay-humus complex.


Plant Care

Stimulating soil life for a profitable and sustainable crop production


3-year experimental platform shows the potential of Olmix’s MIP® technology.

Plant Care

A recent study validates the effectiveness of the soil activator Neosol



The Agricultural Research Institute ZVT in Troubsko (Czech Republic) has conducted extensive scientific experiments for 3 years within the framework of the research project «Technologies for erosion control and soil protection» financed by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture. The work revealed significant changes in soil quality induced by the Neosol activator from Olmix Group.

Plant Care

Improving efficiency of organo-mineral fertilizers


Depending on agronomic needs and on the availability of local raw materials, farmers can use mineral fertilizers, organic or organo-mineral fertilizers for providing good plant nutrition and crop productivity.