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SEAMELBOOSTER Head start in plant development

SeaMelBooster enhances root hair development, which results in earlier and more efficient nutrient uptake. This boost gives growth a clear head start. Moreover, manganese limits stress hormone production, it supplies valuable energy and antioxidants.

The situation

Coping with mother nature in spring during emergence

From seed to plant is a massive step in terms of energy and nutrients. Although the small seed germinates itself, it soon requires the photosynthetic processes to further emerge. Low light intensity in springtime reduces the plants' ability to absorb energy from the sun.

The challenge

Uninterrupted emergence

For an optimal photosynthetic processes at this stage, the light has to be captured as soon as possible. The more energy there is, the more photosynthesis occurs, resulting in earlier flowering and maturation.

The solution

Early leaf development

Creating a larger solar panel surface allows the plant to convert solar energy into sugars for energy. The osmotic force of Refined Seaweed Extracts combined with manganese ensure a strong plant sap stream and enhanced root hair development. This results in earlier and more efficient nutrient uptake, creating a larger leaf surface early in the season.

Strong points

SeaMelBooster, Seanergy technolgy/Mn

  • 1

    Early germination

  • 2

    Stimulates root hair development

  • 3

    Boosts growth

Catching early light


Trial set up in Brittany (France) on parsley showed an earlier development of plant treated with SeaMelBooster compared to control, leading to a better yield,

Application for a better performance

How to use

  General application rate:
As a manganese biostimulant

2,5 l/ha in 80-400l of fresh water



Recommended products

The need to reduce chemical crop protection prompts agronomist innovators to develop biostimulants and elicitors. The combination of red and green seaweed extracts in SeaMel delivers active substances that enhance each other's role in the stimulation of plant health. Be it the special sugars such as carrageenans, ulvans, active sulphate groups, proteins or organics acids, they all play an important role in nutrient, energy and signal exchange. Thus preparing the plant for stressful events of whatever nature.

Early and homogenous flowering fructification
Toughens up plants


Plant Care

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Plant Care

Promising results of SeaMel at trial locations in Bordeaux


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