Press room

Plant Care


Olmix Group releases methodological article on Frontiers in Plant Science

The text highlights General Principles to Justify Plant Biostimulant Claims according to the forthcoming European Union Fertilizing Products Regulation.

Plant Care


Growth and structuring continue for Olmix Group

A new director for the Plant Care business unit.

Animal Care


Olmix Satellite Seminar: algae to reinforce animals’ natural defenses for a better performance

Held in Bangkok, Thailand, from 11-13th March, the second edition of the Olmix Satellite Seminar along with VIV Asia 2019, was the perfect chance for Olmix Group to highlight the potential of specific algae extracts to develop and reinforce the immune system of animals, and to launch Algimun® in Asia, the company’s latest solution of its Immunity range.


Olmix Group launches its Animal Care range in Egypt

The company has released several products for immunity and mycotoxin risk in the country.

Animal Care


Olmix American Seminar 2018: Blue biotechnology for the future of animal farming

Held in Riviera Nayarit from 28-30 November, the second edition of the Olmix American Seminar highlighted how innovation, circular economy and technology coming from the sea will help develop new, respectful and sustainable animal production strategies.

Human Care


Emulsea® won an innovation award at Isogone Contest

Emulsea®, For Food range product from Olmix Human Care, won the PACI Award (Preparation/Culinary Aids/Ingredient) of the 32nd edition of Isogone contest.